Discover the Elements of Garden Decking Design and Create a Masterpiece for Your Home and Garden


Curved Decking with Hot Tub and Thatched GazeboDecking Design with many Features set among Trees and Lawns

Learn How to Create a Great Decking Design

The most important element of decking design is to ensure the deck fits into its environment and enhances existing house and garden features.

The large decking project for the suburban house on the left illustrates this point. From the long sweeping curves of the deck to the thatched roof of the wide gazebo, the decking looks as if it belongs and has always been there!

There is access to the decking hot-tub and gazebo from the sitting room on the left, and the long decking pathway in the foreground gives easy entrance to family room at the other end of the house. The decking is low and provides a easy and safe approach to the lawns from every position.

The decking boards on the path are laid across, which emphasises the width of the path, and on the main deck the boards are at an angle to those on the path. This change of direction of decking boards, is an important feature of good deck design.




Wide Deck Design with Pool and Entertainment areaFull Width Decking with Railed Pool and other Features

Include Many Decking Features

This suburban decking project on the right includes many features that help to create an outstanding design that became the envy of all their friends and neighbours.

The first feature to note is the designer not only uses the full width of available garden for the deck, but because the house extension has folding doors to open-up the sitting arear, the entertainment deck was put right outside for ease of access.

The front edge of the main deck has raised planter boxes with wide steps for access to the gardens inbetween. The swimming pool has a low balustrade all around, with a wide top rail for sitting on, because the family has young children and this gives fine protection.

To the left, you can see a series of trellis screens with a half-pergola for hanging flower baskes and vines. You may just see the first panel of a similar screen on the right of the photo.

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How to Build Steps and Stairs for Decks

27 Design Features You Need to Know

This eBook contains detailed information on some 27 decking design features that are of vital importance for most home owners planning a decking project.

It will make the job of planning your deck so much easier.

Furthermore, when it comes to ordering a deck from a builder, or tackling your own decking project, the knowledge gained from this eBook will not only ensure you have the best possible design, but can save you a lot of money!

This full-colour eBook is packed with photographs, tips, and detailed information you will find invaluable for designing your garden deck. You will discover the design “trade secrets” from dozens of decking builders.

If you wish to create a stunning decking design—one that becomes a local talking point—you must get a copy of this manual today. Each one of the 27 design features it discusses in detail can affect your own decking project and ensure you create the best possible design for your home and garden.

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Customers Who Designed Decking With Our eBook!


A Testimonial from Ray Fozard

Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...
Raymond Fozard (Manchester)
I used the 'Elements of Great Deck Design' manual to find the best ideas for my deck, and created a raised corner deck with protective balustrade.
There is a fence on the left, so on the facing side I used reed screen panels, as you recommend!
The pergola adds a nice finishing touch, and the canvas awning provides great protection from the sun and those summer showers.. Thank you!

Testimonial from Tammy Fischer

Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...
Decking by Tammy Fischer (Germany)
Dear John,
I would like to thank you for the ideas and tips you provided us with your Decking Design Manual.
We have transformed our previous verander into spacious and open decking. Perhaps you would be interested in seeing the end result - to show what can be achieved even with little DIY experience.
Kind regards, Tammy Fischer (Germany)
























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