How to Build the Best Deck for Your Garden, Save a Lot of Money on Building Costs, and Increase the Entertainment Area and Living Space of Your Home!


Raised decking with many extra featuresA Good Deck with Many Fine Features

Start with Decking Ideas

When you start to plan your decking, you must consider as many decking features and ideas as possible. This will ensure your finished deck is exactly right for your garden and home.

The decking in the photo on the left is built on a mid-terrace house with a long and narrow garden. The floor of the house is raised well above ground level, and protection is required against the weather and to provide some privacy.

When designing the decking, our author, Andrew M. Hunt, decided to create a deck that was the full width of the garden with no wasted space. Protection and privacy was provided with including high fence panels to the left of the photo, and reed screen panels on the right.

Screens can be very attractive as well as useful protection.

A high pergola that does not spoil garden views from within the house was included in the design and covered the full width of the decking. When it is complete with hanging flower baskets and climbing vines and creepers, it will be most attractive. Some more reed panels were laid on the top of the pergola in the section close to the house on the left of the photo. This is to provide protection from both the sun and rain showers.

A couple of wide steps are built to provide access to and from the garden, and the design allowed for the decking to be extended on the right of the steps, providing more living space for the family.



The Complete Decking Builder's Manual
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Learn How to Design and Build

"The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual” will show you how to design and build your decking project. A well-designed deck will effectively add extra space to your living area that you can use the year round. It can substantially add to the value of your home, provide a play area for adults and children alike, and help solve problem lawns that struggle in winter and summer.

This decking manual is written by bestselling author Andrew M. Hunt as a guide for the new decking builder—one of our decking customers was 84-years old when he built his deck with the manual! It is a blueprint for building your deck, and is also used by experienced decking builders as a reference manual. In this informative in-depth eBook, you will find decking instructions with hundreds of tips, from simple plans to sophisticated projects.

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You are taken through every stage of planning, designing, and building your own garden decking from start to finish. This eBook has countless beautiful colour photos of completed decks to give you plenty of ideas for your garden.

There are also detailed photographs and drawings of the various stages of building genuine decks for real customers. These diagrams will show you exactly how to build your deck and the pitfalls to avoid.



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How to Create your Perfect Deck!

Testimonial from 84-year old Stan

Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...
Decking by 84-year old Stanley Payne, Rochester. With the information in the manual, I did a design for the main area to start me off and worked out from that where I would need to put the joists. I obviously had to put double joist in some places but all in all it worked out quite OK.
It is a large deck, and I could only work 4-hours a day, because I have to care for my disabled wife, but I finished it in a month!
I work a bit slower now that I am 84-years old; the bending gets me if I do too much.
Thank you, Stan Payne

In "The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual”, there are photos and diagrams on all types of decking project:

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Spacious Decking Built to Last for Years!

In this manual the author shows you exactly how to design and build new decking. This eBook will effectively add many extra square metres to your living area, substantially add to the value of your home, provide a play area for adults and children alike, and help solve problem lawns that struggle in winter and summer.

Large, high decking with railsA Large, High Deck with protective Balustrade

More importantly, it contains complete instructions on how to create beautiful decking projects. This eBook is a blueprint for building garden decks.

Within this informative in-depth manual, you will find hundreds of tips from dozens of decking builders throughout the United Kingdom, from simple plans to sophisticated decks.

This Manual contains 94 full colour photographs and 72 different illustrations and drawings!

The decking photographs, tips, trade secrets, and information in “The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual” have come from dozens of decking builders with years of experience in this industry.

“The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual” will help you to make huge savings on your garden decking project. You can now take advantage of their numerous building techniques to design a timber deck around the key features of your home and garden to your own personal specifications.

Many of the decking craftsmen who have contributed to this eBook are members of trade associations such as:

All of which ensures you can build your deck to a similar high standard of work and care, while keeping your eye on important features like safety and beauty.



What's included...

Small deck with rails and flowery pergolaSmall Decking with Decorative Rails and Flowered Pergola

You get more with The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual:

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A Testimonial from Linda and Keith

Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...
Linda & Keith Martin (Nottingham)
We have built our deck and your e-book certainly did give us some great ideas and a lot of help in construction. We found the photographs impressive and useful.
Our decking consumed 170 square metres of decking boards. The deck extends from the side of our cottage, by the garden conservatory, to the entire back of the cottage. There are some photographs of our new decking attached. Kind regards, Linda & Keith

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FREE eBook - An Introduction to Garden DeckingGetting Started with Garden Decking. If you are planning your very first decking project, there is a great deal of basic, but most important information that you need to know. We have compiled a new £9.95 eBook containing the full details, and it is yours today FREE.

You need to know so much; from learning how long various decking materials will last and their good and bad aspects, to how to select the best features for your home and garden.

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Publication Details

Title: The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual
Author: Andrew M. Hunt
ISBN-13: 978-1-907014-01-7
Publisher: Power Business Publishing
Edition: First Edition eBook



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International Bestseller

Recent orders for this excellent Decking Manual have come from many countries worldwide, including the following:

  • Argentina
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These Trade Secrets You’ll Discover And More!


 Planning the size and shape of your new deck dependent upon the location chosen to build.

 Several chapters on decking design ideas with photographs.

 Decking How to design and build shaped decking.

 Available software to aid in the design of your new decking.

 Decking How to prepare the chosen site for the decking.

 Choosing the correct materials for the job.

 How to order the correct amount of timber decking, screws, joist materials, beams, posts, concrete, membrane, etc.

 Decking How to organise your site prior to building.

 Tools required to build a professional deck.

 Getting started with the positioning of your deck.

 The secrets to building high decks.

 Attaching your new deck securely to your house.

 Lifting and levelling your new deck's framework. Squaring off your decking sub-frame.

 Preparing and positioning of support post holes.

 Building large decks with patterned decking boards

 Whether to support your sub-frame with beams or not?

 How to safely attach your sub-frame to support posts.

 Attaching your sub-frame securely to the support posts.

 Handy tips on spacing the support joists on your sub-frame.

 Tips for building decks around your swimming pool.

 How to build steps to you new decking.

 How to attach newel posts to your decks sub-frame securely.

 Producing your own style handrails or purchasing them ready made from the timber merchants.

 Learn methods for cutting decking boards to fit.

 How to attach your decking boards to your new sub-frame. Useful web links page.

 Learn how to build a deck around a hot-tub and a swimming pool.

 Learn how to build a Pergola.

 How to prevent weeds from growing under your new decking (ever) - Member's Section.

 How to clean your deck the professional way.

 Building Gazebos on decking

 How to maintain your decking for years to come.



Customer Comments

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You can see many photos of decks they have built from information within our Decking Manuals. Each one is a happy reader of our range of manuals.


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