How to Build the Safe and Attractive Steps and Stairs Providing Easy Access to Raised and High Decking


Box Steps with integrated posts and wire railsBox Steps with Wire Rails from Raised Decking

Start at the Design Stage

One of the many traps the DIY decking builder fall into is neglecting to plan how people will access the decking. When the deck is only a foot or two off the ground, they forget all about including a step.

In the photograph on the left, you can see the designer planned ahead, and the supporting posts for the balustrade are within the decking, rather than stuck on the outside as an afterthought. This is an important design feature you must not neglect.

The tops of the posts are nicely finished off giving an attractive finish, and in place of wooden rails that often block garden views, the design of these steps includes strong wire rails. The end result is the steps are functional, are very safe, and look good!

The building process was of the box type, where each step is a 'box' with three sides and an overlapping top, which is the tread. It overlaps for safety and appearance, and to keep water off the sides.



High Decking with Long Steps and a Landing PlatformHigh Decking with Long Stairs including a Landing Platform

Building Steps for very High Decking

When your deck is high off the ground, you have to think about putting a 'landing platform' within the steps. The ideal way is to put a platform about every 10 to 12 steps.

In the photo on the right, you can see an example of this on a high deck that is built on sloping ground. If the designer had kept to a long straight run of more than 20 steps, it would not only look ugly, but can be quite dangerous.

People can become disoriented on long stairs with no break, and you must also cater for people to pass each other. A good, wide platform solves all these problems, and also provides a better looking finish.

On this high deck, note how the supporting posts, which are sunk onto cement blocks, also continue through the decking and become an integral part of the balustrade. This is a better design and makes the decking safer.



How to Build Steps and Stairs for Decks

How to Solve Steps and Stairs Problems

Are you having difficulty in wondering how to create a safe stairway or steps for your decking project? Here is a cost-effective solution just right for you.

This new manual from Power Business Publishing was written by Andrew M. Hunt and includes many photos and detailed diagrams of decking steps. It illustrates the various methods of building steps and stairs using either box steps, or stringer steps, explaining each system in full.

"The Advanced Decking Steps & Stairs Manual” will help you to design and build magnificent steps and stairs for decks of all heights above the ground. This publication will show you exactly how to include steps and stairs into your design, how to ensure they are completely safe, and how they will improve the appearance and function of your garden decking.

This book is a blueprint for building steps and stairs on your deck. Within this informative in-depth manual, you will find all the information you need to design simple steps or complicated stairs, with easy to follow plans and instructions.

There is a free video you can watch, further down this page.

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Build Perfect Steps!

Create attractive steps from your deckingBuild Attractive Steps from Raised Decking

The decking photographs, tips, trade secrets, and information in “The Advanced Decking Steps & Stairs Manual” have come from dozens of decking builders with years of experience in this industry.

Many of the decking craftsmen who have contributed to this eBook are members of trade associations such as: The Guild of Master Craftsmen, The Timber Decking Association, and the Buy With Confidence Council.

All of which ensures you can build your deck steps to a similar high standard of work and care, while keeping your eye on important features like safety and beauty.

“The Advanced Decking Steps & Stairs Manual” will help make your job of designing and building steps much easier. You can now take advantage of their numerous trade secrets to design a special set of steps or stairs on your deck to your own personal specifications.



What You Will Learn

In “The Advanced Decking Steps & Stairs Manual”, there are photos on all types of step and stair construction for both large and small deck projects.

The various sections include:

 Introduction to Steps and Stairs for Decks

 Decking Improvements—Improve the Appearance of a Deck

 Successful Decking Steps—With this eBook, your Steps won't collapse

 Tools You May Require—Don't waste time with wrong tools

Wide Steps to a High DeckWide Steps from High Decking

 Discover the good and bad places to position Steps & Stairs

 Laying Out the Stairs

 Rise and Run

 Step Height & Depth

 Making a Notched Stringer is so easy with our diagrams

 How to Anchor Deck Stairs to the Ground

 Digging the Holes

 Attaching Stringers—Learn the correct way to build

 Attach Treads & Fascia Boards

 Complete the Landing Pad

 Build Long & High Stairs—Designs and Instructions to Build

 Create a Double Split in High Stairs

 Build Full-Width Steps

 Build a Ramp—Ideal for youngsters, or pushchairs

 Build Steps with a Solid Stringer

 Build a Cascading Staircase

 Example of Boxed Cascading Stairs

 Shaped Cascading Stairs

 Angles in Steps & Stairs

 A Single Step from a Deck

 Inset Steps & Stairs—This feature can improve your deck

 Fascia Finish to Sides—Discover the best way to improve appearance

 Open Risers—You can save money with these ideas

 Garden Steps—Perfect for sloping gardens

 Long Steps with a Platform—Perfect for High Decks

Wide Boxed steps to Raised DeckingExtra Wide Steps from Raised Decking

 Building Stairs around a Corner—Stringers

 Building Stairs around a Corner—Boxed

 Learn how to Design and Build Complex Steps and Stairs

 Shaped & Curved Steps & Stairs for every occasion



 UK Building Regulations for Ramps & Decks

...and much more!

You are taken through every stage of planning, designing, and building your own garden decking from start to finish. The eBook has countless beautiful colour photos of completed decks to give you plenty of ideas for your garden.

There are also detailed photographs and drawings of the various stages of building genuine decks for real customers. These diagrams will show you exactly how to build your deck and the pitfalls to avoid.


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The Advanced Decking Steps & Stairs Manual 2009

What's included with this Manual? A 3MB eBook of Step building instructions with photos,tips & ideas! How to instructions on the different types of steps and stairs Trade secrets and expert knowledge from professional decking builders! You can save thousands of pounds in builders and designer fees. You can drastically reduce the cost of your Decking Steps and Stairs! 72 coloured diagrams illustrating the various stages 40 full-colour photos of decking steps and different styles 110 word glossary of deck-building terms and phrases 24 valuable, time-saving Internet links related to decking Clickable Table of Contents with links to all sections

...and much more!



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Steps with Rails to High Kids Play DeckingStringer Method Steps to High Deck

When you hire a decking builder-designer, you have to pay for all their labour, travel, and other services in addition to your material costs. Their fees can range from £125 to £250 per person per day.

This can quickly amount to £1,000 and much more, even for a simple set of steps. You can save all these fees and more for just £4.95 when you order today.

“The Advanced Decking Steps & Stairs Manual ” shows you how to build steps of different size and style, and save all the labour costs. You will save all those fees amounting to hundreds of pounds and design and build your own steps quickly and easily! Steps up to a high or raised deck, like the kiddies play-deck to the right, are easy to build using a notched stringer. Learn how with this manual.

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Publication Details

Title: The Advanced Decking Steps & Stairs Manual
Author: Andrew M. Hunt
ISBN-13: 978-1-907014-02-4
Publisher: Power Business Publishing
Edition: First Edition




How to Build Steps - Free Video

You can watch the Decking Steps and Stairs movie below, by clicking on the Start arrow on the bottom-left of the image Discover some of the secrets of including great looking steps and stairs into your decking project at the design stage. Don't make the mistake of 'forgetting' how to access your deck, leaving no safe way to get on and off it! The movie is only a few minutes long, and you can view it in HQ format.



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Customers Who Built Steps With Our eBook!


A Testimonial from Nick and Marisca

Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...
Nick and Marisca (Samos, Greece)
We bought the land in 2005, and the property was built soon after. It was in a great position, on a hillside overlooking the Greek Island Samos in the bay of Kusadasi. The land fell away quite steeply about 2 meters after the pool.
I really wanted to build a large raised deck here, but having no knowledge of how to do so, lacked the confidence to tackle the decking project.
I found your Website and eBooks, and a year later we have it. I couldn't have built the deck with out the information that you provided. Thank you!

Testimonial from Simon Burrell

Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...
Decking by Simon Burrell (Warwickshire)
I used the decking manual for creating the initial design, and then found the building instructions most useful.
Instead of building a raised deck with steps down to the garden in the centre, I used the above layered style.
This provides more useful area for entertaining, and also gives easy and simple access to the lawns from every part of the decking.
Best Regards,























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