How to Design your own Garden Decking. Examine 50 'Before and After' Projects and Discover exactly How to Remodel Your Garden!


Decking with many Design FeaturesAn Attractive Split-Level Deck with many Design Features

Start With a Good Design

If you wish to create a beautiful decking project, you must start with a good design that enhances your house and garden. Apart from looking good, the deck must provide considerable extra living space for the family.

The deck in the photograph on the left was built over a wide, but very narrow patio that had broken slabs, many weeds, and provided little extra space. The new deck is the full width of the house, goes deeper into the garden, and gives ample room for leisure and entertainment.

Some of the features included by the decking designer that enhance the deck, include: Split Level Decking with easy access to paths and lawns The decking boards on each deck are laid at different angles The top of the Pergola is at the same angle as the sloping roof

The more thought you can put into your initial design, the better looking and more functional your finished decking.




Include Attractive Features

A Good Decking DesignDesigner Decking with Extra Features

The deck in the photo on the right shows good design with many useful and attractive features that improve the house and garden. It is a good example of planning at the design stage.

The most important feature is the decking covers the full available width of the garden at the rear of this semi-detached house. Thus making maximum use of space, and not leaving unsightly gaps on either side of the decking.

The entertainment area of the decking juts further into the garden and thus gives maximum space for the decking table and chairs. Two strong posts to the right provide excellent, safe support for a garden hammock, which is a great spot to relax on warm days.

Note the wide step to the left, giving easy and safe access to the garden path and lawns. The entertainment area is protected by a rope balustrade, which does not impede views of the landscaped garden.

Instead of a fence on the right, the designer included two reed panels with a half-pergola topping for hanging flower baskets and vines. This feature gives privacy and protection from the wind, but is also attractive.



See 50 Gardens - Before and After Decking

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Riverside Design with Gazebo over Sunken Coversation pit!Designer Decking with Gazeobo over sunken Conversation Pit

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Before and After

Garden Before and AfterMove your Cursor over the above Garden to see the Decking

In the “Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas” manual, there are photos on all types of decking illustrated in a completely unique manner.

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Discover Special Features to Add

Beautiful timber Steps for DeckingCreate Beautiful Step-Designs for Your Decking

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"Garden Decking" - a new eBook from Decking Builders!

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Publication Details

Title: Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas
Author: Andrew M. Hunt
ISBN-13: 978-1-907014-03-1
Publisher: Power Business Publishing
Edition: First Edition




Customers Who Created Decking Designs With Our eBook!


A Testimonial from Nigel Brown

Design by our Customer
Nigel Brown (Bristol)
I first drew a large scale plan of the garden area where the decking was to go, and then a more detailed plan of the actual decking project.
There was considerable landscaping required, including the removal of a very old and worn patio, so preparation took up a lot of time.
After that, the actual build was a lot easier, and you can see the result of hours of work. Many thanks to you excellent design ideas and suggestions.
Regards, Nigel.

Testimonial from Dennis Wake

Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...
Decking by Dennis Wake (Cleveland)
Hi John,
Here are some photos of decking projects I have built using your Decking Manual as my guide and reference book.
It has been a great help...
I have built a number of decks, now, and each one is getting better!
Dennis Wake (Decking Builder in Cleveland UK)






















Customer Comments

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