How to Build Round & Curved Decks


Curved and Round decking examplesExample of Curved and Round Decking with Patterned Boards

When you should Curve Decking

Most buildings are squares and rectangles, so to break up all those straight lines, your decking can include curves and even a round deck.

This detached country house on the left is a perfect example of this and the designer wrapped the decking around the conservatory and then patterned the decking boards. This not only looks more attractive, but actually makes the decking look larger.

The large round deck on the far right is accessed by broad and deep steps from the house. It is used as an eating and entertaining area, where the views of the country and the horses in the paddock can be most enjoyed.

The decking is low and provides easy and safe access to the lawns from every position, while the wide steps between the decks lead from the house to the gardens.





Example of simple Curved DeckingA Good Example of Simple Curved Decking

A Simple Curve Works Well

You don't always have to design a complicated deck, because often a simple curve can make all the difference between a boring deck and an attractive one!

If you look at the decking on the right, you can see how instead of the standard square deck for the extended entertainment area, the designer created a “quarter-circle” design, which enhances the overall appearance of the decking project.

This is very easy to build, once you know how!



Complex Curved Decking and Steps

In the decking on the sloping garden below, you can see a circular hot-tub, which our designer placed within a complex arrangement of curved steps and decking boards. This is much better than simply sinking it into a square deck.

Curved around Hot TubCurved Decking & Steps around Hot Tub - (Hover to Enlarge)

There are many features to notice about this hot-tub decking: Vertical Decking Boards make attractive Cladding for the Hot-Tub Vertical Decking Boards are used as cladding for wall and decking The Decking Boards around the deck radiate out from the Hot-Tub The radiating boards integrate in a circular pattern with the decking The Steps around the Hot-Tub radiate like the decking boards

All of these features combine to create an amazing decking structure!


Hover your cursor over the photo on the left to see an enlargement.


You can learn how to create decking like this with our new manual...



The Final Decking Secret Revealed!


The Final Decking Secret

The final secret is revealed: Exactly how to build round and curved decks to create beautiful decking projects!

This amazing eBook contains all the information you need to know in order to create fabulous curved and round decks to enhance every decking project. Your friends, neighbours, or customers (if you're a pro-builder) will be surprised at your skill.

The most important feature is the placement of posts and joists beneath patterned decking boards on round decks - get it wrong, and you're in big trouble. When you build a round deck, especially one raised from the ground, there is a unique method of wrapping the boards around the edge of the deck. It creates a safe deck and one that is great to look at.

This latest manual from Andrew M. Hunt, 'The Decking Man' illustrates this in detail with large photos or round decks and their all-important sub-frames for decks with patterned boards.

You will discover how to put a round pattern of decking boards within a large rectangular deck, and many other features to enable you to create attractive decking.

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Curved Decking around a PondThis Curved Deck wraps around a Fish Pond

How to Curve Decking

There is no mystery, but there are some specific things you must do, and in the right order, if you wish to create a spectacular deck that will not collapse!

In this manual, you will learn how to create a complex decking project such as the one in the image above that includes a hot-tub. You will note that even the steps curve around the tub to the higher deck. And just look at how the decking boards are also patterned to create a professional finish and improve the final appearance.

On the right, you can see how sweeping curves around a fish pond and a deep entertaining area enhance and improve the decking project. This makes it much better than the straight edges of those square decking projects many people build.

This is not a manual filled with theory, but one that contains proven decking techniques gained from over a decade of deck-building in the UK by leading decking builders.



How To Build a Round Deck

Round Decking looks Great!A Round Deck is Eye-Catching!

When you curve decking boards along the edge of a round deck to create a 'rim joist', as in the photo on the left, you have to do it just right. If not, the boards may spring loose and open out, which can cause a serious accident.

There are a number of different patterns you can lay the decking boards on a round deck, but please take note that the layout of the beams and joists supporting the deck can differ for each design.

Includes 6 Round Deck Designs

Inside this manual, you will find the 6 most popular round decking board patterns, together with the supporting timber layout design. Like most things, the important parts are the ones you can't see, and in decking it is the supports beneath the decking boards.

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Curved Decking with Hot Tub and GazeboThis Curved Deck enhances a Hot Tub and Gazebo

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