Learn How To Avoid These Costly Mistakes When You Build Your Garden Decking Project!


How to Avoid Costly Decking MistakesThese Steps should be the Full Width of the Patio Doors!

Learn How to Avoid Mistakes

The worst thing you can do in building a deck is to look at an ugly mistake AFTER you've completed the build. This is because you then have to either live with the mistake for many years, or dismantle and rebuild that part of the decking.

The photograph on the left illustrates a design where the decking builder created steps only in front of the patio door that opened. This looks ugly from the outside, and form inside it is even worse, because their view through that door is of the decking post.

The correct design was to build wide steps the full width of the two patio doors. Then it not only looks good, but people can use either door to access the decking and garden.

You can learn to avoid some of the worst mistakes in decking, if you read our manual






How to Avoid these Decking Mistakes

27 Design Features You Need to Know

Your garden decking project can cost you much more than you plan, if you make even one of these “Decking Mistakes to Avoid.”

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Title: Decking Mistakes to Avoid
Author: Andrew M. Hunt
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A Testimonial from Raymond Fozard

Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...
Raymond Fozard (Manchester)
I used the 'Elements of Great Deck Design' manual to find the best ideas for my deck, and created a raised corner deck with protective balustrade.
There is a fence on the left, so on the facing side I used reed screen panels, as you recommend!
The pergola adds a nice finishing touch, and the canvas awning provides great protection from the sun and those summer showers.. Thank you!

Testimonial from Tammy Fischer

Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...
Decking by Tammy Fischer (Germany)
Dear John,
I would like to thank you for the ideas and tips you provided us with your Decking Design Manual.
We have transformed our previous verander into spacious and open decking. Perhaps you would be interested in seeing the end result - to show what can be achieved even with little DIY experience.
Kind regards, Tammy Fischer (Germany)























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