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The Decking Build's Pack of Manuals


Why You Need Them All!

You will find the contents of these Decking Manuals invaluable for the creation of great Decking Projects. Whether you are building your first DIY Decking, or an expert builder looking for new ideas, these eBooks are exactly what you need.

The new builder will learn exactly how, from the hundreds of pages complete with detailed instructions for designing and building all types of decking project, with hundreds of colour decking photographs and drawings illustrating the design and build process. While the experienced builder can draw upon the myriad decking ideas to create better decking projects for customers, finding these manuals an excellent reference source.


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FREE eBook - An Introduction to Garden Decking


An Introduction to Decking for Beginners & Experts

If you are planning your very first decking project, there is a great deal of basic, but most important information that you need to know. We have compiled a new eBook containing the full details, and it is yours today.

You need to know so much; from learning how long various decking materials will last and their good and bad aspects, to how to select the best features for your home and garden.

The author has been designing and building garden decking for the past dozen years or more, and has worked alongside some of the best experts in the business. You can benefit from the Health and Safety tips and information when building your decking and much more...

You will also learn the important legal aspects of building a deck; you don't want to make similar mistakes to Sir Cliff Richards, costing thousands of pounds for simple lack of planning. Read this manual to ensure you stay within the law.

This manual goes into detail about the 15 Stages of Deck-Building, and you need to read about each one before you start.






Choosing the Right Design for your Decking

You may already have some ideas for your garden decking project or perhaps you want some features included that you saw on a friend's new decking. This is not always a good idea, because what suits one garden may not work in another one.

It is most important to consider all the elements of deck design before you settle on any particular style of deck for your home and garden. This is because once the decking is finished, it can be too costly and inconvenient to change the design, when you find something new you wish to include.

27 Things You Need to Know

This new decking manual contains detailed information on some 27 decking design features that are of vital importance for most home owners planning a decking project.

It will make the job of planning your deck so much easier.

Furthermore, whether you're a DIY builder or an expert, when it comes to tackling a decking project, the knowledge gained from this eBook will not only ensure you have the best possible design, but can save you a lot of money!





50 Decking Projects



Look at numerous Decking Projects

It is always wise to examine in detail a range of different decking projects, before you commit to a specific design for a garden, and the "Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas" manual has 50 decks you can explore today!

Experienced builders use this manual as a reference guide, when they are planning a new project. You will find it invaluable for deciding the best decking design for your home.

The eBook has beautiful colour photos of gardens 'in the rough' and later with completed decks, which can give you hundreds of ideas for your garden.The large range of photos and ideas will help you plan a deck around the features of any garden and house. It is essential reading for any decking designer.

Examine 50 Gardens—Before & After the Deck is Built

The author wrote this manual to illustrate exactly how to design new decking and completely transform your own garden by taking you through the design and build process of some 50 different decking projects.

You can examine each garden before the deck is built and see what problems are overcome and how the designer creates the best decking for the house and garden. You also see the transformation when the decking is completed and the huge amount of extra living space that is created.



How to Design and Build Garden Decking


How to Build Decking

This is the most important manual in the range, because it shows you exactly how to build your garden decking from preparing the build site and right through every stage until you screw down the last decking board.

A well-designed deck will effectively add many extra square metres to your living area the year round, substantially add to the value of your home, provide a play area for adults and children alike, and help solve problem lawns that struggle in winter and summer.

This manual is a blueprint for building your garden deck. Within this informative in-depth eBook, you will find decking instructions with hundreds of tips from dozens of decking builders, from simple plans to sophisticated decking projects.

There are thousands of happy customers worldwide who have used a copy to build their own garden decking, as well as hundreds of decking builders who refer to it like a decking bible!

You can see some of their decks and read a few of their comments on our "Customer Page" on the link below:

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Build Your Perfect Deck!

How to Build the Perfect Deck for your HomeA Large, High Deck with Protective Rails

In “The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual”, there are photos and diagrams on all types of decking project:

...and much more!


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How to Build Decking Steps and Stairs


The Secret to Building Steps for Decking

Designing and building steps and stairs for decking is a skill that sometimes even leaves experienced carpenters at a loss. This is because with decking you often have to contend with varying garden features and conditions.

Although the decking eBook has a section on steps, I have made this advanced manual to cover the many different types of steps and stairs, and various ways to build them effectively.

It also includes building ramps, as well as stairs for very high decks, and also stairs with platforms.

You will learn the 17 essential stages of step construction. These include:

 Positioning your steps in the best place for ease of access

 Calculating the height and depth of each step and riser

 Designing and making a notched stringer

 Build Long & High Stairs—Designs and Instructions to Build

You are taken through every stage of planning, designing, and building your own steps and stairs from start to finish. There are also detailed photographs and drawings of the various stages of building genuine decking steps for real customers. These diagrams will show you exactly how to build your decking steps and the pitfalls to avoid.



Costly Decking Mistakes to Avoid


Avoid these Costly Decking Mistakes!

Your garden decking project can cost you much more than you plan, if you make even one of these “Decking Mistakes to Avoid.”

Whether you are a complete beginner, a DIY expert, or a craftsman looking to add deck-building to your list of trade services, you will find this eBook invaluable. There can be a very long learning curve in this industry, where it is far too easy to make expensive mistakes, but you can cut it short by reading this valuable eBook.

This “Decking Mistakes to Avoid” eBook is in PDF format, which you can read on any computer. This new eBook contains first-hand stories of mistakes made during the past 12 years of building garden decks. The style of writing is warm and humorous, and each mistake is fully explained so that you will remember it—and hopefully, not repeat it!

The DIY builder will find this manual interesting, and it's most informative for the pro-builder who can save considerable amounts of money by avoiding these and other mistakes in deck building.

Another 'must-read' decking manual!





How to Build Curved Decking and Round Decks

How to Build Curved Decking & Round Decks

The final secret is revealed: Exactly how to build round and curved decks to created beautiful decking projects!

This 44-page eBook contains all the information you need to know in order to create fabulous curved and round decks. The most important feature is the placement of posts and joists beneath patterned decking boards on round decks - get it wrong, and you're in big trouble.

There is no mystery, but there are some specific things you must do, and in the right order! In this manual, you will learn how to create a complex decking project such as the one in the image that includes a hot-tub.

The correct way to curve decking boards and create round decks that will last for decades has been an illusive secret up until now. Today, Andrew M. Hunt has published this new manual revealing all the trade secrets.

There are also detailed photographs and drawings of the various stages of building a curved and round deck, illustrating the important sub-frame design. These diagrams will show you exactly how to build your deck and the pitfalls to avoid, so you don't make costly and dangerous mistakes.





Bonus Item: Decking Calculator Software

All you have to do with the Decking Calculator Software is enter all your measurements, timber sizes, etc., into the various fields and press Print to get a printed copy of your material list together with all the costs.

It covers almost any decking project, from single decks to multi-decks, and will save you time and money!

Without this software, you can spend 2 or 3 hours and more calculating the number of decking boards you may need, then there's the posts, beams, joists and so on.

With this Decking Calculator software, you simply enter in the size and measurements for your deck - it caters for up to 4 decks, if you want multi-level decking or just 2 decks.

It takes minutes to enter in the sizes, and you then simply press PRINT to get a copy of your material order - complete with the prices, saving more time and money!

Note to Decking Builders:

All those evenings spent working out your customer's material lists are a thing of the past with our Decking Calculator. This software can save you countless hours each month, making it worth its weight in gold!



Bonus Item: Secret Decking Report


You must read this Top Secret Decking Report to learn the decking trade secrets nobody wants you to know!

This book has been compiled after talking with dozens of deck builders and designers during the past decade or so, and the results are truly amazing.

You will discover exactly how to deal with your contractor or decking builder, and if you're building the decking yourself, you will have an important list of questions to answer.

The published value of this Report is £9.95




Andrew Hunt the Decking Man!A Massive 79.5% Discount!

This Library of Decking Builder Manuals contains the extremely valuable design and build ideas, tips, and information I have learned and gathered over a dozen years of designing and building garden decking projects.

I want as many people as possible to benefit from the important principles I have learned from building hundreds of decking projects, and enjoy their own garden decking, and I have encouraged the publishers, Power Business Publishing, to allow me to make a low price offer to you, but you must take advantage of it now, because it cannot last.

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 Garden Decking—Getting Started £9.95
 The Elements of Great Decking Design £9.95
 Garden Decking Photo, Plans, & Ideas £19.95
 The Complete Decking Builder's Manual £19.95
 The Advanced Decking Steps & Stairs Manual £19.95
 How to Build Curved Decking & Round Decks £9.95
 Decking Mistakes to Avoid £9.95
 Decking Calculator Software £9.95
 Decking Secret Report £9.95
  TOTAL VALUE £119.55
  All you pay is £19.47




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100% Guarantee The Decking Builder's eBooks are provided by Power Business Publishing, established in 1998.

Order online now using Google, Paypal, or your Credit Card on a Secure Website and you will get a 100% Money Back Guarantee. There are so many reasons why you should order this complete Library today and save, save, save!


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When you place your order today, you make a massive saving and you get copies of the latest edition Decking Manuals from Best Selling author Andrew M. Hunt — the Decking Man!


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Have the Best Deck in Your Area!

For more than a decade, I have been designing and creating garden decks of all types and size—from small patio decks to sumptious multi-level decks wrapped around a large home . You can now have one of the best decks in your neighbourhood for a nominal outlay and without having to resort to cheap, unskilled labour.

The information in my exciting range of decking manuals and guides can supply you with everything you need to know about:

 Designing great decking projects, large or small.

 Building the perfect deck from start to finish.

Select the products best suited for your needs from the above library, because each one is available at a very low price today. If you are planning to design and build your own decking, give serious consideration to taking the complete library, which provides you with absolutely everything at a knock-down price.

Bookmark this page and add to your favourites, so you can return without delay and get your manuals while the discounts last!

Thanks for taking the time to visit this Website,

Happy designing,

The Decking Man



Andrew M. Hunt The Decking Man





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