Decking Tools And Equipment You May Need


Weed Suppressing Membrane Weed Suppressing Membrane

One thing you need right from the start is a method to stop weeds from growing beneath your finished decking. If you don't, they will grow through gaps in your boards and create all kinds of problems in the long term.

Mypex is a long lasting, U.V. stabilized, extremely tough woven geomembrane fabric which allows moisture to pass through up to 6 litres per sq. metre per second, but with less than 1% light transmission it resists weed growth.

This is the ideal material to place beneath a deck. To hold this type of membrane in place you can either staple it too the support posts or use purpose made staple clips or barbs.




cement mixer for deckingCement Mixer

When you have a decking project that requires considerable area of foundation, it may be advantageous to have ready mixed concrete delivered or mixed on site for you.

Most companies work to the nearest cubic metre and it doesn’t take too many footings to use this amount. Add in a slab for a hot-tub and it really does become the most cost effective way to start construction of your deck.

If you are going to make the cement for the footing from scratch, you can use either a cement mixer or mix by hand (spade) in a large tubtrug (plastic bucket); this is a great alternative to a wheelbarrow. It is easy to carry around your site and you



Decking Screws and Fixings

The choice of fixings for decking is vast and seems to be getting larger every time I such the internet with new products seemingly appearing daily. The main categories of choices are screws, clips and biscuits and nails.

When you come to fixing your decking boards, a purpose made decking screw should be used at all times. Do not nail your boards in place, because nails often rise up, especially in wet weather, and cause a hazard as well as a loose board. You may also need to remove decking boards for some reason, and when they're screwed in place this is an easy job.




Metal joist hanger for deckingSub-Frame & Decking Fixings

There are many types and size of galvanised iron fixings used in building timber decking projects. All these items must be hot dipped galvanised to protect them from both the timber treatments and varying weather.

Make sure that the fixings—either screws or nails that you use to fix these products in place—are also hot dipped galvanised or stainless steel.

Joist hangers are available in various sizes and you can find many types to do the job of supporting joists in the subframe structure. For a standard joist of 50mm x 150mm you can get joist hangers that will attach flush onto the front of the joist.

If you buy hangers that have excessively long metal straps these will go over the top of the joist and make the decking board not sit flush. For two joists joined together you can purchase hangers that are 100 mm wide.

When ordering the materials for your decking project, make sure that you check your requirements thoroughly; you can only build your deck in materials that are available to you.



Basic Tools You May Require

Tools in this section are items that you either own or use on a regular basis if not they are very useful tools to acquire.


Larger tools you that you don't use very often, you may wish to hire.





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