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Recommended Timber

Reeded decking boardSoftwood and hardwood decking timber is available in the UK. There are three common types of materials that a decking board can be made from:

  1. Timber
  2. Composites
  3. Metal

There are two categories of timber decking boards:

  1. Softwood
  2. Hardwood

Grooved Decking BoardSoftwood is a term used in the woodworking and timber industries for wood from conifers. Well-known softwood-producing trees include pine, spruce, fir, larch, douglas-fir and hemlock. The generic term softwoods is also used for the trees themselves. However, softwoods are not necessarily softer than hardwood.

Douglas fir is softwood and yet it is harder and stronger than many hardwoods; while balsa is technically a hardwood, and is extremely soft! In general, softwood is easier to work and it forms the bulk of wood used in the construction industry. The most common softwood used for the construction of decking boards are Douglas fir, Southern Yellow pine, and Scandinavian redwood.



Decking Boards

plain decking boardDecking boards can be of many different styles. The top right board has a finish known as 'reeded' and has numerous tiny ridges cut into the surface. The one below is a grooved decking board, and has between 3 and 7 deep grooves, depending upon the width of the board. These two styles are popular with people for their appearance and also the belief they are less slippy in wet conditions.

The third type of decking board is the most popular, and that is the plain decking board with no ridges or grooves at all. This board creates many attractive decks.


Look For Quality

When purchasing your decking board you have to ensure you are getting the best quality. You don't want boards with too many knots in them, because they can dry out and then fall out, leaving unsightly and possibly dangerous holes in your decking. You also have to check the ends of the boards to look at the 'grain' in the timber. Edge grain is very popular with decking builders and has the grain run from edge to edge of the board.

You must look out for boards with splits or warps, because they're not much use for decking.


Composite Material

Composite boards made with plastics and resins mixed with re-used timber fibres are becoming quite popular. Vannplastic are the manufacturers of Ecodek, which is a product that is produced from a mix of wood flour (approximately 55%) and polyethylene.

One benefit of composite materials is that they come in a huge range of colours (some more natural than others). This can make it easy to match the finish of your decking with the surroundings. In addition, composite boards are usually produced with UV protective qualities making the colour non-fade. The boards don’t shrink or expand as the weather conditions change, nor do they rot or even slit.


Order Decking Boards

You can now order hardwood decking timber at prices that are comparible or better than many softwood prices. Furthermore, your finished decking is going to look better and last a lot longer!

Balau, which is similar to teak in color; yellow-brown with a reddish tinge weathering ultimately to a deeper shade of a reddish dark brown.

Properties: Extremely durable! Very suitable for all forms of heavy construction, including steps and decking. Resistant to abrasion, wear and dents. Balau is resistant to decay, insects and fungal attack, and is naturally fire resistant. It has natural beauty and lasts for generations. Natural beauty for generations. Finished with oil or left to weather to a silver patina.

Finish Plain; with top edges chamfered (slightly round) . Length 5.20 metres - ideal for most decks Width 145 mm Thickness 21 mm with an average price £6.90 + VAT per linear metre



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