The Best Ways to Design and Build a Pergola for Your New Decking Project



Give It Some Shape!

A pergola with a curveSome simple Angles on the Pergola create a Curved effect!

Your pergola does not have to be a boring rectangle, but can have some curves or shape to make it more attractive. With just a little bit of thought, you can make a radical change to the design of your decking project.

This decking has just been completed, but when the pergola is alive with hanging flower baskets and climbing vines, it will look stunning!

The supporting posts for the pergola go through the decking boards, which fit snugly around each post, and are sunk into concrete or placed upon concrete supports.

If you don't like the idea of digging holes and making cement, and you ground is very solid, or even an old patio you've built the decking over, you can use concrete post supports.

You only need place posts and the required positions for supporting the overhead joists.



Pergola Ideas

A free standing pergola is used to cover any area of your garden, patio, decking, or pool. You can build a pergola over a deck, patio, or lawn, in any shape or design to enhance decoration and provide shade. They can also give shade on those hot, sunny days. When you attach a pergola to your house, it look as if extra space has been added to your home. It can also be attached onto the side of your house, similar to a car-port or porch covering.

A pergola with a curveSome simple Angles on the Pergola create a Curved effect!

Very often, you can paint or stain the pergola in different colours to emphasize the shape and design. Planter boxes can be added to any part of the pergola, in order to add interest. A cupola can be placed on top of the pergola for a more country look. Decorative crosses can be put between each support post for a decorative effect. You can even hang wooden windows between the support posts to make it look like an outdoor room.

You can put a free standing pergola directly next to the house, say, to shade a portion of the walkway up the side of your house or a sunny patio. Pergolas often become interesting architectural elements, which creates some excitement to the total landscape design. When attaching a pergola to a house, certain things like height and views must be considered, or the pergola becomes an obstruction.

The pergola to the right has extra supporting beams for the wide span, which cuts down the number of posts required, and for the grooved plastic sheets on the top. These provide a little shade for the fish, and protection from heavy rain.



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