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A suburban gardenA nice suburban garden - run Cursor over picture for Hot Tub

What An Improvement

The well-kept suburban garden on the right looks great, but in reality the lawn and shrubbery leading to the fence and gate to the roadway is wasted space. After all, who is going to sit there when there's a beautiful garden to sit in?

Hover your mouse over the picture and you will see what our decking manual author, Andrew M. Hunt built for his customers—a famous TV couple, by the way.

The hot-tub is large and almost fills the width of the available space and did you see how the whole area is protected by plastic sheeting over the pergola. This lets in the light, but protects from sun and rain.

Another feature that improves the appearance of the hot-tub decking area is the attractive pattern of the decking boards. This takes a little time, and a lot of know-how (see our manual here for instructions), but is well worth the extra effort.



The garden before the deck and hot-tubRun your Cursor over the Photo and see the Difference!

A Complete Garden Make-Over

When your garden is beyond hope, like the one in the photograph on the left, you need a complete garden make-over and our decking author did just that. Hover your mouse over the old garden to see the new design.

The overgrown shrubs and trees have been removed, creating a lot of extra space, and a new fence put along that side. The old patio and stone path is broken up and the rubble placed in the far left corner and some used to make the concrete foundation for the hot tub. The balance was hidden beneath the raised decking!

Note the balustrade of steel posts and wire rails to provide safety and a good view of the gardens. The old stone path is gone, and in its place a great decking pathway leading to the new entertainment area.

There is a large decking platform around the hot-tub, giving ease of access and extra safety. The fascia panels to both decks are made of upright decking panels to give the appearance of extra height and make the project more attractive.



The garden before the deck and hot-tubDecking with Sunken Hot Tub and Curved Entertainment Area

Hot Tub in a Raised Deck

The most important feature you must remember, when designing a decking project to contain a hot tub or spa, is that water is very heavy and with the addition of a few adults the tub needs strong support.

The best and most reliable support, and perhaps the safest, is a solid concrete base.

When you build a raised deck, like the one in the picture on the left, you can arrange for the top of the hot tub to be level with the surface of the decking. This makes the finished design look most attractive, and many people prefer it to having the hot tub sticking up out of the deck.

Note how the entertainment area of this decking is curved in a semi-circle, and the decking boards are laid in an appealing pattern to enhance the completed deck.




You will find the ideas in these Decking Manuals very helpful for designing your deck. Click on the Manual for more info:


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