How to Improve the Use and Appearance of Decking With a Gazebo, Home Office, or Summerhouse


When Nothing Seems to Fit...

Waste land before Gazebo is built and then Afterwards!Waste Land in Garden BEFORE Decking & Gazebo...and AFTER

These customers were at their wit's end with the state of the bottom of their large garden. There was a high bank, topped off with a new six-foot fence, lots of rubble, and no room to put anything—never mind a decking project.

Along came our author, Andrew M. Hunt, and if you roll your cursor over the photo on the right you can see the fine result.

A set of wide steps leading up to a high, shaped deck with decorative protective rails that did not hide garden views. On the centre of the decking area, which is an hexagonal shape the designer created a large, hexagonal gazebo.

The decking boards on the floor of the gazebo are laid in the same pattern to continue the thexagonal theme.

Note how the strong posts supporting the decking have diagonal arms for extra support. This deck can hold the additional weight of a number of people without danger of collapsing.



An Open Gazebo

An open-sided Gazebo with a Thatched roof...An Open-Sided Gazebo with Thatched Roof

In the right surroundings, an open gazebo can also work well, as you can see in the photo on the left. In a country lakeside garden it look great.

Note the deep hexagonal shaped conversation pit within the similarly shaped gazebo with ample room for a large family to gather and entertain, even during inclement weather.

The surrounding decking is balau, a natural hardwood that also suits the landscaped gardens. The decking and the various decking paths have timber 'edge-panels' that have two functions:

  1. They protect the edges of the decking boards from scuffing and weather deterioration
  2. The provide a more contained and attractive appearance to the decking project

A well-designed garden gazebo is a low-cost luxury that can be quickly installed in almost every garden, and it will enhance your deck. It will provide both beauty and protection, which can improve both the appearance and your enjoyment of your garden decking.



A Summerhouse Built on DeckingA Large Summerhouse on Decking

Build A Summerhouse

In the samples on this page, you can see that gazebos enhance an otherwise bare and unprotected area of garden. Both the above gazebos have open sides, which are the most common type. This is because of their low cost, ease of construction, and their many different uses.

However, do not neglect to consider the gazebo with walls and windows if you need protection from the weather, or even better—upgrade to a new summerhouse!

The summerhouse you see in this photograph on the left is large enough to provide a number of different uses, including playhouse, home-office, or extra entertainment space. The decking that supports the summerhouse is built on sloping land, so the higher parts at the rear of the garden have protective balustrades. The front of the decking has a low step onto the lawns along the full width of the deck.

Note the large size of the decking with ample room for entertainment or children to play on when the grass is damp.


A Play-Deck for ChildrenA Play-Deck for Children is always a Winner!

Play-Decks for Children

When you have the space in your garden, or if you're building it for a cafe, restaurant, or hotel, a play-deck for children like the one in this photograph can be a real winner!

The decking can be safely used for young children, and even teenagers can use the playhouse on the high decking as a retreat, or perhaps somewhere to do their homework.

When you're designing a deck for children, you must plan ahead, because they have an alarming habit of growing up very fast and changing their likes and wants faster than the weather.

Build the decking from pine timber and it can be painted in an attractive colour, which once again you can change over the years.

The decking does not necessarily need to be high; a low deck with a sunken sand-pit is very popular with infants.

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