How to Design the Right Type of Fence for your Decking Project—Boards, Trellis, Lattice...


The Various Features

A Willow FenceWillow Fence Panels Protect and Enhance Decking

There are many types of fence you can use for your decking project, and each has a different main function.

The entertainment area on the decking to the right is protected from the weather and screened from neighbours with frame panels filled with willow.

This type of fencing is very popular, because it is not only cheaper, especially if you purchase a roll of willow-screen instead of completed panels, but it is longer lasting than ordinary fence panels.

A reed or willow fence can withstand very high winds, because it allows passage of air through without causing uncomfortable draughts for people sitting on the deck.

A normal fence panel stops all wind, but in storms they're often blown down. You can imagine the strain on those posts holding these two willow panels, if they were standard fencing in a gale force wind!

You would have an costly disaster to repair.



A Decorative FenceA Decorative Fence on Junior School Decking

When to use Solid Fences

This decking is a play-time area for a junior school. It is designed to keep the children safe and dry in wet weather, and has a strong balustrade and a protective roof.

The solid fence panels are okay in this position, because they're quite protected from strong winds by the adjacent school building. They also are only solid up to about 1.3 metres, and after that they have open trellis work for safety and decoration.

Solid fence panels certainly do give better protection from the weather and provide more privacy, but you have to consider if they will be subject to strong winds, or if a more decorative panel gives a better finish. After all, the fence must enhance your decking design and improve its appearance.

The building tip to remember is the more solid your fence, the stronger and more secure your supporting posts must be...



A Reed Panel FenceReed Fence Panels Protect and Look Attractive!

Reed Panel Fences

A fence of reed panels will look attractive and give protection and privacy without the dangers of a solid fence. Strong winds are simply 'diluted' by the reeds and cause no problems.

You can purchase both reed and willow fencing in ready made panels or in a roll. The second option can save you a lot of money, and you can cut the roll to suit the size of the panels you create.

These panels can be any width you desire; wide or narrow.

For raised and high decking projects, you will find that this type of protective fence is the better solution. When your decking is on the ground, it is far less costly to use solid fencing, because the posts can be fixed directly into concrete within the ground.

If you wish to make full use of your decking, you will need some sort of protection from winds, so consider your choice with great care. The better the fence, the better the decking will appear.





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