Download this new Decking Calculator Software and You Won't Make Mistakes When Ordering Timber!


Decking Mistakes to Avoid

All you have to do with the Decking Calculator Software is enter all your measurements, timber sizes, etc., into the various fields and press Print to get a printed copy of your material list together with all the costs.

It covers almost any decking project, from single decks to multi-decks, and will save you time and money!

Without this software, you can spend 2 or 3 hours and more calculating the number of decking boards you may need, then there's the posts, beams, joists and so on.

With this Decking Calculator software, you simply enter in the size and measurements for your deck - it caters for up to 4 decks, if you want multi-level decking or just 2 decks.

It takes minutes to enter in the sizes, and you then simply press PRINT to get a copy of your material order - complete with the prices, saving more time and mone!



Note to Decking Builders

Delivery of Decking TimberA Delivery of Decking Timber!

All those evenings spent working out your customer's material lists are a thing of the past with our Decking Calculator.

This software can save you countless hours each month, making it worth its weight in gold!

Even the experienced decking builder can spend a lot of time working out the material list for decking projects, only to find the estimate was wrong!

If you forget to include the small gap you must leave between each decking board, you can end up buying an extra 3 or 4 boards you cannot use.

This can cost you a lot of time and money:

db If you buy to many boards, you waste material...

db If you order too few, you have to spend time...

...worse, when you return from the timber merchant, you may find your second batch of decking boards don't match the first batch you ordered.

This means your decking is not going to look its best—ever!



One Simple Click!

This Decking Calculator Software is designed to calculate exactly how many decking boards you require, even if you are building multi-decks. It even calculates your joists, and for higher decking projects the software will tell you how many posts you require!

You simply enter in the various dimensions and press 'Calculate' and the answers appear for you to write down.

There are instructions and samples included to make the job simple and quick!



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The "Decking Calculator Software" is newly published in the UK by Power Business Publishing. Both and Power Business Publishing hereby guarantee to refund your purchase price in full, if within 10-days of purchasing this software you inform us that you are not satisfied that you can save money by using it.

Order now using Google, Paypal, or your Credit Card on a Secure Website and you will get a 100% Money Back Guarantee



AndrewI Recommend This Software

Since starting to use this decking calculator, I have saved hours of time in working out the timber required for my customers decking, and I no longer have any mistakes!

You will find this software to be a small investment but a great saving in time and money. Get your copy today.

Andrew M. Hunt

Decking Builder




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