How to Find the Right Balustrade for Steps and Decking that Best Suit your Home and Garden


Appearance and Safety

Decking BalustradeA Balustrade that Surrounds the High Decking

The two most important features to consider, when designing the balustrade for your decking project, are:

The posts on the balustrade in this top photograph on the right go through the decking boards and are sunk into concrete in the sloping ground to provide maximum security and strength.

The balustrade covers the three overhanging sides of this high decking extension, that continues from the garden patio.

The rails are fastened to battens at the top and the bottom of the balustrade, for ease of construction and low cost as well as giving even more safety.

a Raised Decking BalustradeRope Rails on Raised Decking for Appearance and View

The rails on the second photograph are rope for both safety and appearance; the raised decking and sunken hot-tub help to provide a nautical theme. The ropes also do not impede the views of the garden.

Once againl, the posts go through the decking into concrete bases that are sunk into the ground for long-life and safety.

Note how the vertical decking boards used as a fascia to the raised decking give the appearance of increased height. You must consider this feature when designing the fascia boards on a deck for your new decking project.

In this photo, the boards would not look so attractive if laid horizontal, and of course, not be possible to put around the curved parts of the deck!

a High Deck with steps and BalustradeStrong Posts, Balustrades, and Rails for High Decks

On a very high deck, especially one with long steps or stairs going down a long slope, like those in this photograph, the posts must be thick and strong.

Note how the designer used the same style of balustrade for both the high deck and the long steps and landing platform. Uniformity of style is important with each decking design.

You must think about the people using the decking and steps, when creating your design, and provide ease of access to all parts. Keep safety and appearance uppermost in your mind, and you will be very pleased with the final result.


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