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Please Send Your Decking Photos

We love to see your finished decking, so once you complete your project, please write and tell us all about it and include some photographs. Before and After photos are great, because they help our readers. If you wish, you can also add some comments or a testimonial.

But first of all, read what some of our earlier decking manual customers have to say and look at their decking...


Design by our Customer

A Testimonial from Nigel Brown (Bristol)

I first drew a large scale plan of the garden area where the decking was to go, and then a more detailed plan of the actual decking project.

There was considerable landscaping required, including the removal of a very old and worn patio, so preparation took up a lot of time.

After that, the actual build was a lot easier, and you can see the result of hours of work. Many thanks to you excellent design ideas and suggestions.





Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...


Testimonial from Dennis Wake (Cleveland)

Hi John,

Here are some photos of decking projects I have built using your Decking Manual as my guide and reference book.

It has been a great help...

I have built a number of decks, now, and each one is getting better!


Dennis Wake (Decking Builder in Cleveland UK)



Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...

A Testimonial from Raymond Fozard (Manchester)


I used the 'Elements of Great Deck Design' manual to find the best ideas for my deck, and created a raised corner deck with protective balustrade.

There is a fence on the left, so on the facing side I used reed screen panels, as you recommend!

The pergola adds a nice finishing touch, and the canvas awning provides great protection from the sun and those summer showers..

Thank you!




Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...Decking by Tammy Fischer (Germany)


Dear John,

I would like to thank you for the ideas and tips you provided us with your Decking Design Manual. We have transformed our previous verander into spacious and open decking.

Perhaps you would be interested in seeing the end result - to show what can be achieved even with little DIY experience.

Kind regards,

Tammy Fischer (Germany)



Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...Testimonial from Nick and Marisca (Samos, Greece)

We bought the land in 2005, and the property was built soon after. It was in a great position, on a hillside overlooking the Greek Island Samos in the bay of Kusadasi.

The land fell away quite steeply about 2 meters after the pool. I really wanted to build a large raised deck here, but having no knowledge of how to do so, lacked the confidence to tackle the decking project.

I found your Website and eBooks, and a year later we have it. I couldn't have built the deck with out the information that you provided.

Thank you!



Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...Testimonial from Simon Burrell (Warwickshire)

I used the decking manual for creating the initial design, and then found the building instructions most useful in completing this deck.

Instead of building a raised deck with steps down to the garden in the centre, I used the above layered style.

This provides more useful area for entertaining, and also gives easy and simple access to the lawns from every part of the decking.

Best Regards,




Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...

Testimonial from 84-year old Stanley Payne (Rochester)

With the information in the manual, I did a design for the main area to start me off and worked out from that where I would need to put the joists.

I obviously had to put double joist in some places but all in all it worked out quite OK. It is a large deck, and I could only work 4-hours a day, because I have to care for my disabled wife, but I finished it in a month!

I work a bit slower now that I am 84-years old; the bending gets me if I do too much.

Thank you,

Stan Payne


Stan proves that anybody can build a deck with this manual...


Testimonial from Linda & Keith Martin (Nottingham)

We have built our deck and your e-book certainly did give us some great ideas and a lot of help in construction of the decking.

We found the photographs impressive and useful. Our decking consumed 170 square metres of decking boards.

The deck extends from the side of our cottage, by the garden conservatory, to the entire back of the cottage. There are some photographs of our new decking attached.

Kind regards,

Linda & Keith


Decking by Colin DoddTestimonial from Colin Dodd

This decking was constructed from ideas gained on your Website and from the "Complete Decking Builder's Manual", which I found a great help with building the deck.

I also used your Decking Calculator Software, and this was great for working out the number of decking boards and posts etc.

Many thanks for all your help,






Dear John, Thank you for your email this morning. I have successfully downloaded your ebook and am looking forward to getting stuck in to building my deck! The information on how to build steps sounds as though it’s just what we are looking for as my husband spent hours yesterday trying to plan how to build the steps.

Thanks again for your help,

Best regards,

Michelle Downs.


Hi Andrew, Just to update you that I have already bought your set of decking books, and I have found the books very informative, from starting a project, through to the end. I have also found many other Websites in your book that have linked me to the vast array of materials, styles and cost. Useful when it comes to me finally deciding on the size, shape and colour of my decking. It has been a good £24.99 well spent.


Mick Collier.


Hello, I have recently purchased deck builder eBook I am very impressed! This is the first time I have ever attempted deck building and I find the contents very useful and very informative,

Kind regards,

Andy Blades.


Hi John, Have downloaded ebook and am delighted with it. Great ideas and instructions. I am starting my decking soon and this will be a great help. Thanks for your prompt reply,


Margaret Ronan.


Hi, Just downloaded your book, I have been building decks for a few years now for friends and family and on a small commercial basis, I mainly did this on the side from my normal day job but I am now going full time as a business. The Decking Manual eBook is excellent.

Kind regards,

Woody (Mark Woodfield)


Hello John, I have downloaded the Decking Manual - thank's for your help. It's very good book ,excellent photos and just the information I needed.

Thank's again.

Garry Maguire


Hello John, Found your Decking eBook very useful and we are now proud owners of an elevated 50sqm deck looking over the rear garden.

Trevor & Stella Johnson.




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