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You may already be a decking builder, looking to increase your income, or perhaps you've built your own garden decking and are now wanting to work full or part-time in this industry. For anybody working as a decking builder, the Professional Decking Builder's Business Manual is an essential piece of equipment you cannot afford to be without.

The biggest problems faced by most people in business today include finding customers, creating sales, and dealing the growing amount of paperwork that takes them away from both business matters and family needs. In fact, these three items are high on the list of why 95% of all new businesses fail within 5 years, but there is a solution...

"The Professional Decking Builder's Business Manual" is written by a decking builder for a decking builder, which means it is in simple, easy to read and understand sections that cut out all the small-print and gets straight to the heart of each problem with exciting and profitable answers.



Includes an Amazing Breakthrough that Boosts Sales!


Massive Sales Increase

Increase Your SalesLike most decking builders, the author suffered from the financial downturn during 2008—2009 and at one stage even wondered where the next order for decking was coming from, as his annual income plummeted. You will learn of the amazing breakthrough discovered in 2009, enabling a total business turn-around.

You will not only be shown exactly how he went from losing a series of quotations for £2000 to £4000 decking projects to getting two £10000 orders within a couple of weeks. Furthermore, you will discover exactly how to use this breakthrough technique in your own decking business, and increase your annual income, with personal help from the author.

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Increase Your Income, Today!

This brand new business manual contains full details of this amazing new sales technique to attract new customers and gain you profitable decking orders. It is a proven system tried and tested by the author with tremendous success, bringing in two successive £10,000 orders at a time when the industry was suffering from the economic downturn.

"The Professional Decking Builder’s Business Manual” is published to show you exactly how to operate your decking business. This concise manual is a blueprint for success in this industry with sections on all the vital elements:

This tremendous manual is perfect if you are a new builder in the early stages of creating a deck-building business, as it takes you through every step of the way from your business plan to counting your first year's profits!

It is also excellent for experienced decking builders who find their business is in the doldrums and requires a strong boost to get it working profitably once again. This manual has all the information needed to turn your business around and make it a success.

If your decking business is already successful, you'll learn how the information in "The Professional Decking Builder’s Business Manual” can increase almost every aspect—from more enquiries, through larger decking projects, to greater profits.



Decking Calculator SoftwareSave £25 or more with each Quote

When you order "The Professional Decking Builder’s Business Manual” today, you will receive a free copy of our Decking Calculator Software.

I used to spend anything from 1 hour to 3 or more hours working out quotations and costing building materials on some of the larger projects. Today, with this new software I can complete the job in minutes and save at least £25.00 on every quote I do - and I make over 30 each month!

Even better than the money saving, instead of spending my evenings at my computer working on quotes I can be with my family, play with the kids, and watch TV.

All you have to do with the Decking Calculator Software is enter all your measurements, timber sizes, etc., into the various fields and press Print to get a printed copy of your material list together with all the costs. It covers almost any decking project, from single decks to multi-decks, and will save you time and money!

The published price of this Decking Calculator software is £9.95 and it's free for you when you order today



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The published price of "The Professional Decking Builder’s Business Manual” is £49.50 and for a limited time only you can download a copy with a 80% discount—you need pay just £9.95 and get the manual and the free software.

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The Elements of Great Decking DesignFree eBook for Your Customers

When you order a copy of "The Professional Decking Builder’s Business Manual”, you also get full access to our promotional decking book, which you can give away free to each enquiry you receive. You can even offer it as a free download on your Website to increase your enquiries.

This 42-page eBook contains 27 'trade secrets' on decking designs that have been gathered over decades of deck-design by many experienced decking builders. The ideas contained will help your customers to know exactly what kind of deck they want, so when you visit them you don't waste time explaining deck design features to them. This is a fanatasic deal for you, saving time and money, and helps to get more orders.

Furthermore, the inside front 2-pages and the inside back 2-pages are exclusively for YOUR advertising, so you will get even more enquiries as the book is passed around — this is the so-called viral marketing in action and in your favour!




What's included in Your Order

The Professional Decking Builder's Business Manual"The Professional Decking Builder’s Business Manual” includes a massive amount of downloadable material:


...and there is much more!



Andrew M. Hunt - the Decking ManMy Personal Guarantee

"The Professional Decking Builder’s Business Manual” contains the extremely valuable design and build ideas, tips, and business information I have learned and gathered over a decade or more of designing and building garden decks. In addition, it contains both my successful marketing methods and the new way of making sales over the Internet, which are simply priceless!

You will not have that long and costly learning curve, which cripples many new businesses, and will have the best and most successful designing, building, and marketing methods at your fingertips. This alone is worth ten or twenty times the value of "The Professional Decking Builder’s Business Manual”.

I want as many people as possible to benefit from the important principles I have learned while building hundreds of decking projects, and create their own full or part-time decking business. I have encouraged the publishers, Power Business Publishing, to allow me to make this low price offer to you, but you must take advantage of it now, because it cannot last.

Furthermore, it is without risk...




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100% Money-Back Guarantee

100% Money Back and Power Business Publishing hereby guarantee to refund your purchase price in full, if within 10-days of purchasing this Manual you inform us that you are not satisfied that you can make money as a decking builder using the information within.

Or you are dissatisfied for any other reason ... or for no reason at all ... just write to me within 10 days. You’ll get a full product refund no questions asked an unconditional money-back guarantee of satisfaction you won’t get at any other decking Website.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my Website, and watching my videos.

Successful deck-building,

The Decking Man

 Andrew M. Hunt The Decking Man


Publication Details

Title: The Professional Decking Builder's Business Manual
Author: Brian Hunt & Andrew M. Hunt
ISBN-10: 1-907014-05-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-907014-05-5
Publisher: Power Business Publishing
Edition: First Edition



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