Each of these 3D Decking Designs was Created and later Built by Andrew M. Hunt




You Send a Photo...

The Garden and Patioi [Click to Enlarge]

Click any photo for larger image


See what You Get!

3D drawing of New Deck [Click to enlarge picture]

3D Deck Photo[Click to enlarge picture]


Plus a Scale Plan

Plan of Deck [Click to enlarge picture]


Plus Many 3D Photos

3D Deck drawing from the right [Click to enlarge picture]

Click any photo for larger image

3D Deck drawing from the Left [Click to enlarge picture]


And Close-Up Photos


Close Up of 3D Deck [Click to enlarge picture]

Click any photo for larger image

3D Deck Close-Up  [Click to enlarge picture]

Just a few examples of the many photos you get!


All You have to do, is Send us a Photo

Take a photograph of the area in your garden where you want the new decking, and include your house as the background. Just like in the picture on the left.

Here you see a mid-terraced house with a long garden and a broken old patio, which needs replacing with decking.

You may already have a photo you can send, if not take one with your camera or phone, upload it to your computer, and send by e-mail to designer at DeckingBuilder.com - full instructions will be sent to you about this.

We need to know what kind of decking you prefer — one deck, split-level decking, with steps, a pergola, and so on. We also need to know the size of your garden and the sizes of your deck(s).


We Design a New Deck on your Photo!

We design the new decking for your house with sophisticated drawing software, and produce a photo of your house with the new deck! You are then able to see exactly how your house and garden will appear, when you build the deck.

You can see the new decking in 3D from many different angles, allowing you to appreciate exactly what the completed deck will be like in your garden. You will also get a scale plan of the deck, created to the sizes you supply at the start.

Another exciting feature are the close up photos of important aspects of your new deck - these help your decision making process.


Look at what's included in the 3D Package!

The process begins when you send in your photos and description of the deck you would like to see in your garden. Immediately it arrives, one of our expert decking designers creates stunning 3D images of the new deck, which you will see attached to your house!

Within the 3D Package you get:

Decking Builder At least 2 large 3D Photos of your House and Deck

Decking Builder At least 5 large 3D Images of your Decking at different angles

Decking Builder At least 2 large 3D Close-Up Images of your Decking

Decking Builder A scale plan of your New Deck

Decking Builder The decking Designer's notes and observations on your deck

This fantastic package will allow you to see your proposed decking from all angles and help you decide how you want your finished deck to appear. Please note there will be no protective watermarks on your 3D Photos!


Large Size Photos

Your 3D Package includes large sized photographs in full colour—at least 1024 x 768 pixels, which is ideal for using as your Desktop background! They are of high quality, in case you wish to print them in colour.


Your Investment in a Deck

The total cost of your decking project is likely to be many thousands of pounds, and you need to be certain of the deck design before you invest this amount of money.

For a limited period of time, you can see exactly what your home will look like with your proposed decking by using our 3D Deck Design Package. This is available for the next 7 days at the special price of only £9.95 inclusive of everything listed above.

You can order a 3D Package with either your Credit Card, Google, or PayPal account at their secure Website. You will then be redirected to another page at DeckingBuilder.com to complete the details of your project.

In addition to the redirect, DeckingBuilder.com will send you an e-mail with notes on the information you need to send to our decking Design team. It tells you how to take, save, and upload the photos to your computer and send them as an e-mail attachment, in case this is something you have not done before!


Only £9.95

You Save £15.00


Order with Google


Order with PayPal


Rapid Service

You don't have to wait for a long time for your 3D Photos, because there is a team of decking designers waiting for your photos (you can send more than one, if you're not sure which is best) so they can start on your 3D Package!

Put them to work on your Deck Design right now, use the Order form on the right...



Some of our Customers

We have thousands of customers, and some of their plans are shown to assist you and give you ideas for your own decking project.

The 3D Deck Design below is for Dr. Evans of Hampshire:


3D Deck Desing [Click to enlarge picture]

Click images for large photo

3D Deck Desing [Click to enlarge picture]


The Deck Design below is for a customer in Surrey

3D Deck Desing [Click to enlarge picture]



Trade Enquiries

Decking builders who would like this 3D Package for their customers are invited to register their interest today.

Please click here for more information on our Trade Service





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