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27 Design Features You Need to Know

A good investment is my new eBook — The Elements Of Great Deck Designs. It contains detailed information on some 27 decking design features that are of vital importance for most home owners planning a decking project.

It will make the job of planning your deck so much easier.

Furthermore, when it comes to ordering a deck from a builder, or tackling your own decking project, the knowledge gained from this eBook will not only ensure you have the best possible design, but can save you a lot of money!

This full-colour eBook is packed with photographs, tips, and detailed information you will find invaluable for designing your garden deck. You will discover the design “trade secrets” from dozens of decking builders.

If you wish to create a stunning decking design—one that becomes a local talking point—you must get a copy of this manual today. Each one of the 27 design features it discusses in detail can affect your own decking project and ensure you create the best possible design for your home and garden.



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How to Design and Build

Curved Designer Decking by Andrew M Hunt - The Decking Man!Curved Designer Decking

Instead of that boring old square or rectangular deck, you can design and create a garden deck that will amaze your friends and visitors. All it takes is a little imagination and quite al lot of know how—which you can find on this Website!

If you get stuck for some creative ideas, or simply wish to know how to overcome a specific deck building problem, you can visit one of our decking pages listed below.

Each of these pages has considerable information on the topic, and most include a free video you can watch. There is also access to more detailed instructions, if you wish to download a comprehensive manual on each subject.


Click on any of the above links to read more about each topic on this Website.



Decking with Hot Tub and Seats by Andrew M Hunt - The Decking Man!Your Decking must be Safe for Kiddies!

How to Make Your Decking Safe for Kiddies!


When you design and build your decking project, you must take into consideration the complete safety of young children.

Kiddies love to lie down and crawl on decking, because the wood surface feels warm and comforting to them. You have to prepare the decking boards so they don't come to harm.

The first thing to ensure is that all the boards fit together neatly without large gaps that probing little fingers can get trapped in.

Secondly, you must smooth the surface of the decking until there are no splinters or sharp jutting edges that can cause painful cuts on the tender skin of your children.

Finally, before applying a glaze finish to the decking, make sure the screws are counter-sunk with no protruding edges.




Decking Pergolas, Gazebos, and Hot Tubs

Decking with Hot Tub and Seats by Andrew M Hunt - The Decking Man!Hot-Tub built within the Decking

Many people only consider the size and number of decks they want in the garden, when creating their first design, but there are many extra items you may wish to include that can enhance the appearance and improve the benefits of the decking for your family and visitors.

These features include:


It is important to include these additional features in your original deck design, because it can be costly and time-consuming to add them once the decking is built. Sometimes, it is almost impossible without a complete rebuild!



How to Repair and Maintain your Decking

Your decking will need preservation from the day it is built. Fortunately, most timber supplied in the UK is usually pressure-treated with a preservative, but you are also advised to apply an extra coat or two before using the deck.

A water repellent coating can improve your deck performance and increase its life by helping to reduce the size and number of small cracks in the timber. These water repellents are normally applied every couple of years, usually before the cold winter months arrive.

The replacement of broken or worn timber on your decking can be much easier if you take some simple precautions when designing and building your deck. You can read about decking repair and maintenance by using the following link:

Click Here for Decking Repair and Maintenance information



Decking Tools and Equipment you may Need!

Decking built by eBook CustomerDecking by eBook Customer, Stanley Payne

The chances are that for most decking projects you will already own most of the tools necessary. Unless you need to undertake some major landscaping, or walls and patio removal, the normal range of household tools is enough.

You may read among our customer testimonials how 84-year old Stanley Payne built a large deck for his disabled wife by working only 4-hours a day. The photo on the left is a view of part of his deck from one side...

The basic list of tools required include a spade, drill, saw, set square, screwdrivers, spirit level, tape measure, and don't forget a pencil!

The more tools you have, the easier you will find the job. You can read more about decking tools and equipment with the following link:

Click Here for Decking Tools and Equipment information



How to Integrate Decking with House and Garden

This can be one of the most important features of your initial deck design, because it is so important that your decking enhances and improves existing features of house and garden, and does not stand out like a misfitting eyesore.

Get reading her Blog now!One of the dangers the DIY decking builder often misses out at the design stage, is planning how people will get on and off simple low-level decking. When they finish the deck, they realise that they've built it a couple of inches lower than the floor within the house, leaving an ugly, dangerous step that could have been avoided.

Next thing they realise, probably when the kiddies fall off the deck onto the lawn, is that although the decking is low, it is still some 30 to 45 centimetres above the ground. This step is okay for most adults, even though uncomfortable, but can be quite dangerous for children, the aged and the infirm.

At the planning stage, you must decide if you want to build around your fish-pond, rockery, favourite tree, or other garden feature, or if you need to remove it altogether. You can read more about this on our decking design page.

Click Here for Decking Design features and information



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